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22 July 2014

Why I’m saying No Thanks - Ruth McKay

Ruth McKay is a small business owner from Edinburgh. She is also a mother. The reason she is voting No is to secure the best future for her children. Watch Ruth’s short video here…

22 July 2014

New report shows currency and EU questions vital

A new report published by the Federation of Small Business has put more pressure on Alex Salmond to answer the big questions on currency and the EU. Read more here…

22 July 2014

Why I’m saying No Thanks - Shona Campbell

Shona is first time voter from Biggar. She is a former Yes supporter, but here she tells us why she has decided to say No Thanks to separation. Read more here...

22 July 2014

Why I’m saying No Thanks - Hannah Bettsworth

Hannah is a young student and is voting No. For her, it makes no sense to put up barriers between us and the rest of the UK. All her life Hannah has been told to think big, but Alex Salmond wants our young people to vote for something smaller. Read what Hannah has to say here…

21 July 2014

Why I’m saying No Thanks - Dave Swanson

Dave is a musician from East Lothian. He is saying no thanks to separation because he doesn’t want to cut the ties that bind the people of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Read Dave’s story here…

21 July 2014

Political legend Tony Benn hoped Scotland would remain part of the UK

Veteran Labour MP Tony Benn was a supporter of devolution and Scotland keeping its place in the UK, his brother told the Sunday Mail yesterday, and had wanted to make his opinion on separation known. Read more here…

21 July 2014

A Eurozone-style currency union? The parrot is dead

A new report from the Scottish Affairs Committee is the latest analysis to conclude that Alex Salmond’s plan for a Eurozone-style currency union would not be in the interests of Scotland, or the continuing UK. It is the most important economic decision a separate Scotland would take, so the nationalists must now urgently reveal their Plan B. Read more here…

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