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20 August 2014

Why I’m saying No Thanks - Viv Hill

Viv Hill is a pensioner, living in Carnoustie, but has previously lived all over the UK. Read why she's saying No Thanks to separation...

20 August 2014

Separation would break up the BBC

The BBC is a great UK institution that we all want to protect. A former BBC boss has said that independence would hurt it. Read more here…

20 August 2014

Six key questions on currency that Scots deserve answers to

A group of senior experts have called on Alex Salmond to answer key questions about currency. Read more here…

19 August 2014

Why I’m saying No Thanks - Marian Craig

Marian Craig, from Paisley, is a student at the University of Strathclyde. This is why she's saying No Thanks to separation...

19 August 2014

Rural leaders back Scotland staying part of UK

Six former NFU Scotland President and nine former Vice Presidents have said that the economic case for Scotland staying part of the United Kingdom is overwhelming

19 August 2014

Why I’m saying No Thanks - Marjorie McCreadie

Marjorie McCreadie is owner of the Teviotdale Arans, a knitwear business, where crossing the border from England to Scotland and back again is a regular occurrence. Marjorie's business relies on free and open access across the border, the last thing she needs is risk and complications. Read more here...

18 August 2014

Leading Scottish business figure calls for currency Plan B

One of Scotland’s most respected business figures has said that Alex Salmond must tell Scots his Plan B on currency. Read more here…

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