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The Leaflet they tried to ban

The nationalists have tried to get our BBC leaflets banned. They know that Scots won’t like the idea of paying an extra £100 a year licence fee, more adverts on telly, paying £44 a year to view iPlayer, or losing access to channels like cBeebies. We received lawyers letters from BBC copyright officials and we were happy to remove the BBC logo from our leaflets - but if they think that Scots who support the BBC will be silenced, they have another thing coming. As the First Minister found out when he was booed by thousands of Scots on Friday, we will always find a way of making our voices heard.

We need your help to deliver the leaflet they tried to ban. They don’t want Scots to know about their plans to switch off the BBC in Scotland. We want to deliver one hundred thousand of our leaflets next week. Will you help us deliver them in your area? Show the nationalists that you won’t be gagged: get leaflets for your neighbourhood by emailing .