Better Together

Join us to ensure a stronger Scotland, a United Kingdom:


We can have the best of both worlds

We passionately believe the best choice for our future is to remain a strong and proud nation while benefiting from the security and opportunity we can take advantage of as part of a bigger United Kingdom.

Devolution offers us the best of both worlds: we have a strong Scottish Parliament taking important decisions about schools, hospitals and jobs AND we benefit from the strength, security and opportunities we can take advantage of being part of a bigger United Kingdom.

In these economically uncertain times, Scotland has the absolute reassurance that comes from the financial back-up of being part of the United Kingdom. 

- We decide what is best for our universities in the Scottish Parliament AND our world-class Universities are backed by big UK funding for Scots scientists, doctors and inventors.

- We make decisions about the NHS in Scotland AND we get cost-free, hassle-free access to the specialist treatment our family needs anywhere in the UK NHS. 

- We benefit from the success of the Scottish Parliament AND we benefit from sharing resources with the rest of the UK. 

We know devolution works for us. We should continue the success of the Scottish Parliament, with more powers guaranteed, rather than putting its achievements at risk through separation.

All the main political parties have committed to extend the powers of the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Parliament got more tax raising powers just last year. If we vote against independence, even the SNP will have to support more devolution rather than arguing for another referendum. With every single party committed to more powers, there is no doubt that a vote against separation is a vote for more devolution.

Independence would be a huge risk for Scotland and would mean taking an irresponsible gamble on the UK pound; our mortgage and interest rates; jobs and pensions. The last few years have been tough enough. The last thing we need is deeper cuts or higher taxes to pay for the risks of independence.

We want to be sure we are making the right decision for our country and for all the future generation of Scots. With independence, there would be no going back – whatever the costs end up being.

Working together to bring out the best in Scotland

We can better bring out the best of Scotland by working together across the UK.  We have achieved so much together. Working together in the future we can achieve so much more.

Here in Scotland it is UK funding that backs our green energy jobs, our scientific research, and our shipyards that employ thousands. In return, the rest of the UK benefits from Scottish clean energy; the medical research and inventions coming out of Scottish universities; and the Royal Navy ships built by skilled Scots engineers. Everyone would be poorer if the nations of the UK went our separate ways.

Staying a strong part of the UK is in our best interest. Our companies have more customers, our young people have more opportunities and we face less risk in an uncertain world. Our pensions, our mortgages and our jobs are more secure as part of one of the biggest economies in the world.  The Pound is our currency; we don’t have our interest rates set by a foreign country like in the Eurozone. While other small nations have been overwhelmed by the global crisis, we have been protected by the strength-in-numbers of the United Kingdom.

Being part of the bigger UK is good for jobs in Scotland.  Scottish companies sell four times as much to the rest of the United Kingdom as we do to the rest of the world combined. As part of the UK Scotland is a nation of 5 million in a home market with ten-times that number of customers. 200,000 Scottish jobs depend on companies which sell pensions and mortgages, where nine-out-of-ten of their customers are from the rest of the UK.

Staying in the UK makes financial sense for Scotland. We get the benefit of North Sea Oil through public spending that is £1200 a year higher than the rest of the UK without risking the budget for Scottish schools and hospitals on the volatility of oil prices. The difference between the year when oil was at its highest and when it was at its lowest is the entire budget of the NHS in Scotland.  Being part of the UK helps us squeeze out every last drop of oil and, when the oil runs out, the huge costs of cleaning up the oil fields will be shared by all UK taxpayers.

It has been a hard few years after the global economic crisis. Things are already too tough for so many people. The last thing people who are already struggling need is more cost and more upheaval.

It isn’t worth the gamble

If we vote to leave the United Kingdom we would have just over 500 days before we had to set up a separate state. In the rush for independence the nationalists have left too many big questions unanswered.

What currency would we use? Would our mortgage rates be set by a foreign country? How would benefits and pensions be paid? What would happen to the NHS? How much would our national debt be and how would we pay it off? How would we make our voice heard in an uncertain world? What would happen to our armed forces?

As Scots we want answers but we haven’t been getting them. Without detail on how independence would work, what it would cost us and where the money would come from, voting to leave the UK would be a huge leap into the unknown.

We are desperate for facts but all Scots hear are overblown promises about independence like when Alex Salmond promised that North Sea Oil meant £300,000 for every man, woman and child.

Whenever politicians make false promises it is the people who are already struggling that suffer the most. Alex Salmond has been quick to offer detail about the tax cuts he wants to give to big corporations like Starbucks and Google but he won’t give us detail on what independence would cost the rest of us.

This is such an important decision that we need to be sure about it. If we make the wrong decision our children and grandchildren will have to live with the consequences. Separation would be forever. It is too big a decision to leave up to other people. If you don’t know it is safer to vote no.

The best decision for Scotland is to vote for a better future, working together, and to say no to the risk and uncertainty of separation.

If you agree with us then join us today and help ensure a strong Scotland in the UK