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Key information

The facts you need - The facts on the big issues from impartial experts & employers

We belong together: The case for a United Kingdom - Alistair Darling's lecture on the positive case for the UK

Securing the pound in your pocket - The facts on what currency options a separate Scotland would face

Scotland in the UK: The case for our NHS - Why our NHS is better secured for the future as part of the UK

What you need to know - Factsheet

Money & the economy - Factsheet

Jobs & pensions - Factsheet

Our place in the world - Factsheet

Scotland in the UK - Factsheet summarising the Scotland Analysis series

Conclusions of the Scotland Analysis series - United Kingdom, united future

Scotland Analysis - In depth reports on a broad range of topics from the UK Government

  1. Public finances and spending
  2. Work and pensions - Blog
  3. Energy - Summary - Blog
  4. Borders and citizenship - Summary
  5. Currency union - Summary - Blog
  6. EU and international issues - Summary - Blog
  7. Science and research - Summary - Blog
  8. Security - Summary - Blog
  9. Defence - Summary - Infographic - Blog
  10. Economy and public spending - Summary
  11. Business - Summary
  12. Financial services and banking - Summary
  13. Currency and monetary policy - Summary - Infographic - Blog
  14. Devolution and the implications of Scottish independence - Summary


Taking a pounding - The view of 50 impartial experts on the SNP's plan for a Eurozone-style currency union

A Sharing Union: Our case on social security - Why welfare and pensions are more secure in the future as part of the UK

The economic case for the UK - Detailed analysis on why we are better off together from Professor Jim Gallagher, advisor to the campaign

Hanging Together: The Case for Union - The positive case for the UK from Professor Jim Gallagher, advisor to the campaign

Excelling Together: The future of Scotland's universities - Academics Together report on the benefits our world-leading universities get as part of the UK and the risks independence poses to their future success

Poverty and the case for the union - Our campaign's contribution to CPAG's Poverty in Scotland 2014

All inclusive: the best of both worlds for Scottish tourism - The benefits of the UK for our tourist industry

Working together across the UK - UK wide poll shows the overwhelming majority of people in Scotland, England & Wales support the pooling and sharing of resources across the UK

A sustainable Scotland, A United Kingdom - We believe that the best way to protect our environment and deliver a greener, more sustainable Scotland is by working together in partnership at every level

Working together for global debt justice - Action on debt justice is best achieved through Scotland remaining part of a strong, powerful and influential United Kingdom


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Recent speeches from Alistair Darling, leader of the Better Together campaign

No borders between our young people and opportunity

The positive case for the United Kingdom

Belonging Together: The Scottish case for a United Kingdom


Leaked SNP papers - what they didn't want you to know...

The leaked Swinney filesThe truth about taxes, spending and oil in a separate Scotland

The Swinney files part 2


Excerpts from Gordon Brown's speech at Glasgow University

Gordon Brown MP sets out Scotland’s five big ‘positives’


The facts you need

Download our; Best of Both Worlds, Stronger when we work together Leaflet , Can you afford it leaflet, Academics Together leaflet and our Rural Together leaflet

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